M3 Development Group equips the most talented people to build and bring your dream home into reality.



Property Development

All over Long Island of New York, we've delivered unique and livable homes for families of all shapes and sizes

Home Improvement

We have extensive experience in home renovation with creative designs to help elevate your own space and take it to the next level.


We carry many varieties of masonry products to enhance your surrounding atmosphere, making it more relaxing and enjoyable.

Building from Scratch


Can't find your dream home? Let us help you build one.  With our licensed and insured experts in all areas required, there will be no surprises along the way.



Refining your living areas

Ideas are unique and special.  You can count on our highly-skilled specialists to bring your idea to life in your home remodeling project.


Adding natural characteristics to your home


Nature can bring joyful and relaxing feelings.  Our master masons can enhance your lovely home with a distinct and enjoyable natural environment.